About SingHow

You’ve got the natural talent, the looks and the drive to make it in the music business, but you’re not ready for your debut just yet.

We all have to start somewhere and if you’re reading this you’re obviously serious about carving out a career in the music industry. Great singers work hard to perfect all the aspects of their performance. And our articles will give you all the information you need to add some polish to your act.

How can we help you?

Beginners, amateurs and even professionals will benefit from the advice we have to share. This is what you can learn:

  • Basic singing tips. It’s not just about your voice. How you stand, breathe and look after your vocal cords can make a big difference to the way you sound. Developing good habits now will ensure that your natural talent lasts a lifetime.
  • What songs to sing. You’ve watched all those singing reality shows, right? So you know that picking the right song can make or break you. We’ve got plenty of suggestions that you can choose from to show off your range and abilities.
  • How to hit the high notes. There’s a reason the high note in a song is called the ‘money note’. It’s the one that people are willing to pay for to hear you deliver. A large vocal range separates good singers from great singers and the good news is, it can be taught.
  • What to look for in a vocal coach. At some point you’ll need to consider taking lessons from a professional. To find the right teacher there are several questions that you need to ask yourself. Don’t waste time and money picking the wrong teacher.
  • What it takes to become a professional singer. There’s no doubt that making money as a professional singer is tough. The industry isn’t easy to break into and there is plenty of competition. But with our advice you’ll develop the confidence and contacts to break through.
  • What online singing courses can you really trust? The internet is filled with people who swear by their courses. They promise you the world, but only a few can really deliver. So to stop you from getting ripped off, we’ve scrutinised them and will only recommend those that really have the ability to put you in the spotlight.

Who will benefit from this information?

There’s a lot to learn, so if you’re new to the idea of singing professionally, start with the basics. And if you’ve got a little more experience you’ll find our articles on perfecting your natural talent particularly useful.

Even professional singers will discover great tips and resources for navigating the choppy waters of the music industry.

The thing about learning to sing well is that it never really ends. There are always new techniques to try and having that kind of knowledge at your fingertips is priceless. We’re confident that you’ll find our website an excellent resource that can help you achieve whatever goals you’ve set yourself.