Easy Songs to Sing

Are you just starting to learn how to sing? There are so many things you have to think about: posture, breath control, pitch and rhythm—the list goes on. It’s difficult enough to remember your technique without worrying about complicated lyrics and arrangements. So it’s no surprise you’re looking for easy songs to sing. Finding a song that you’re comfortable with can give you the confidence you need to take on bigger challenges.

The Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method

The Superior Singing Method can help beginners and professionals alike.

If you really want to improve your tone, range, pitch and power, look no further than the Superior Singing Method. It’s an eight-week course designed by vocal coach, Aaron Anastasi and has helped thousands of people improve their singing.

Aaron’s course gives you all the techniques you need to develop your voice, whether you’ve got natural talent or whether you think you can barely hold a tune. Because Aaron uses videos to take you through each exercise, you’ll see how it works immediately. You don’t have to struggle through pages of text without understanding how to apply what you’ve learned.

Singing lessons can be expensive and it’s not always easy to find a qualified coach in your area. With the Superior Singing Method you can practice singing in the comfort of your own home. You also get direct access to Aaron who will answer any questions you might have along the way. The course comes with a money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it out. Although there are many online singing courses available, we can recommend the Superior Singing Method as the most comprehensive you will find.

Easy Songs to Sing

easy songs to sing

Anyone can improve their singing voice to make beautiful music.

They might not be in the top ten anymore, but these are songs you still hear on the radio. They all have a great melodies and memorable lyrics.

  • Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley
  • Sunny by Boney M
  • I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash
  • Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
  • Sweet Dreams are Made of These by The Eurythmics
  • One Hand in My Pocket by Alanis Morrissette
  • Come Away With Me by Norah Jones
  • Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper
  • Top of the World by The Carpenters
  • Coming Home by Skylar Grey
  • A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

These are just some suggestions. If you don’t see anything here that you’d like to sing, you can always choose something else. Simply check out the criteria below that makes a song suitable for a beginner.

What makes a song easy to sing?

There are a few elements that make a song easier for beginners to sing. If there’s a particular song that you’d love to try, check if it has the following qualities:

  • An easy melody with large intervals. (An interval is the space between two notes)
  • Simple lyrics that are easy to remember and pronounce.
  • A short range of one octave or less.
  • A simple rhythm.
  • An accompaniment that plays the singer’s melody.

Singing an easy song is good for practicing your technique and gaining confidence. But if you really want to improve your voice, consider hiring a coach or investing in a good singing instruction programme.

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